IDEA, The Institute for the Development of Earth Awareness, is a nonprofit think tank and educational organization working at the intersection of human, animal and environmental issues.

IDEA addresses the causes rather than the symptoms of the problems currently facing the earth and its inhabitants. IDEA’s mission is to help our society reestablish a harmonious relationship with the natural world. To accomplish this, we endeavor to help people understand the cultural, behavioral, and spiritual roots of our relationship with animals and nature. We provide in-depth information about how to live and work with the earth instead of in opposition to it. We strive to further an awareness of the inexorable link between humans and the environment. IDEA believes this integrated approach to education is essential to helping us understand the complexity of our world, so that we may learn to live in unity with the planet and each other.

IDEA utilizes the arts in its work towards a humane and sustainable future. IDEA provides Policy Analysis and Consulting in a diversity of fields including bioethics; national and international agricultural policy; industrial-scale agriculture; green building and alternative energy design; animal ethics and policy issues; environmental ethics and policy issues; and environmental consulting.

Co-founded by author and photographer Marjorie Spiegel, IDEA is involved in a wide range of programs, educational projects and campaigns; Mirror Books, our book publishing division; IDEA’s Adopt-A-Library Program, donating books to underserved libraries; investigative and documentary research focussing on the bioethical, environmental and human health issues raised by the system of industrial-scale animal agriculture; The Key & Castle Program, directed by Anton Erlacher, IDEA’s co-founder and Vice President, developing bio-sustainable building techniques; nutrition literacy education; alternative healing protocols for abused companion- and wild-animals; land and wildlife preservation. An integral part of all of IDEA’s projects is education.


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